When an infant stand up to work
For the first time – the land shakes.
Then the infant becomes a child that day.
He will have to learn how to work.
Who teaches him the mother nature.
Who will hold his both hand and work him.
When a mean has learned he will used
the knowledge in search for the reality.
Who will give him the wisdom and direction ?
The mother nature that will mentor his thought.
Then a matured man living in the darkness
Need light (NUR) to move on and on.
We teaches what directions to take
To only a man. Not what manners.
For a whole day is a night and sunny day
Get wisdom to move on and on
We are look for, not looking at.
We can only say we see
We cannot say we know. Bakorah aya 23-24.
We are grateful that we are aspiring to know.
Kafa Bilah Waliyah, Wakafa Bilah Nasiran.