I am the Truth – Imam Halajj.
I am the One – Shaik Tustari
I am that I am – Jesus Christ
I am He that is in Me – Ibn Arabi
I am, Me. He is Him – Ahmad Tijani R.T.A.
Whatever I am they said/says,
Yet I am nothing from what is said.
saying cannot be me
the hearing cannot be mine.
But for the sole being called Muhammad.
He is what can be attributed to.
Still I am him that is Muhammad.
In the Trace Allah is Allah as
Shaik Ahmad Tijani Agreed.
and Muhammad is Me.
Me or in Me. I is He.
If Sufi can forget
that is all world is forgetting.
If Sufi can forgive
All in the Me is forgiven.
Kafa Bilah Waliyah, Wakafa Bilah Nasiran.