Samai Power

Power is Affidavit for love
Trailing by the Mind or Heart
the power divide by the rate of power
could it be power by love
could it be power for love
could it be power in love.
the only power exist by power is powerless
wealth and health is engine of power
Intelligence & excellency is tool to power.
True to love is true to reality.
True to power is true love.
love must be power in power for power.
There is no powerful person without being
love by His Lord.
Love make man powerful even at anytime.
The power from Allah is the power.
power is power. Is not position
sharing of power by powerful man
is called position. Power is Almghtys’ Gift.
Bestowed on man anytime any where.
Being loved by Allah is power in heart of man.
out of power sharing person there is a powerful man.
Your love my power. Amin.
Kafa Bilah Waliyah, Wakafa Bilah Nasiran.