Allah’s Accord

Allah the Greatest created Man
He created the Un-forgiven
the Sinners to be pardoned
the Sinners that seeking forgiveness
the Sinners who don’t need forgiveness
the Ones who do not know how to seek.
And the One who never Sin
the One he had forgiven before
their Creation.
the forgiven that can advocate
for others from His creator and can
be Honor to pardon.
the One that has no Sin
if you call him/her Sinner
you will be the sinned.
those he chose to pardon
on the personal Granter
be on His selected speciality.
He is Allah the Merciful
Grant us your Grant to pardon
all-even the Air and
pigmented keratinageous. Amin.
Kafa Bilah Waliyah, Wakafa Bilah Nasiran.