Alhamdulillah the year 2018 end
with the death of Shaik Uthman Aliyu Shagari
Alhamdulillah Robil Alamin, the year end
With the birth of SHAIK UMAR AL-FUTI
Alhamdulillah Robil Alemin, Ar Rahman Ar Rahim
The year end with the growth of Mustry the
Hill of idanre that can cure cancer of any kind.
Alhamdulillah the year end with the blowing of antic
In to the oceans of Atlantic where more fish can
be breed instead of everyday catfish ponds.
Alhamdulillah for the year 2018 end with
The emission of oxygen more and more in the Hill
of Kilmanjaro for more life to exist.
Climate change may also change.
Alhamdullilah for the baby that Allah born
to assist our Dawah, despite the stress from JNF.
Alhamdullilah for Nigeria in 2019.
Zulu-Kornain Gambari Muhammad has come
Alhamdulillah for the power He release more for world
to remain positive.
Wa lilahi l Hamd.
khairan Ya Allah’s Rosul
Kafa Bilah Waliyah, Wakafa Bilah Nasiran.