What is Toriqa?

Quran remind us; “if they had being on the right path we should certainly have bestowed on them rain in abundance” (Surah Al-Jinn Ayyah 16).

This shows that we are all expected to follow certain Toriq (path) to attain the blessing of Allah. However, Toriq is a path that exists to improve the iman of every Muslim from the understanding of Allah whom we all worship.

Toriq is not a society, cult, club, association, organization of Salawat society (Islamic Fellowship) but it is a way/path to take to achieve the pleasurable face of Allah (Maolana Sayyid Musa Aloba). The path could be Tijaniyyah, Qadriyyah, Nasrabadandiyyah, Sasiliyyah, Nimatullah etc. Al-Toriqa (A sojourner on the path) observes the necessary prayers and spiritual practices like; Lazim, Wazifa, and Zikr of Friday in a places called Zawiyya. A mosque could be used for the purpose but after one has observed all the basic Salat in mosque e.g. congregation prayer.