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The holy Quran said “The only religion recognize by Allah is Islam”. Islam teaches PEACE, LOVE, KINDNESS, GOOD MORALS, GENEROSITY, JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, FREEDOM, UNITY AND FEAR OF ALLAH, but on the contrary some hard hearted so called Muslims around the globe are perpetuating some acts of crimes, like murder, violence, and terrorism against fellow creations of Allah, in pretense of defending the religion (Islam) for Allah. The perpetrators of these heinous acts are most of the times the innocents, energetic adolescents and young ones being colonized and brain washed to believe that committing all these evil acts is the only way to atone justice and equity for Allah who in turn will reward them with his paradise…. Alas. Jamuiyat Nasirul Firdous (JNF) is all about the correction the  misrepresentation of the Islamic principle and value.