About Tijaniyyah

About Tijaniyyah

Sheik Ahmad ibn Muhammad Al’Tijani (Rodia Allahu Tahala Anihu) said “Any word or Acts attributed to me, weigh it on the scale of sharia, if it conforms, accept it, otherwise reject it”. Of great importance is for the people to know that; there is no distinction between Islam and Tasawuf (Tijaniyyah) but rather Tasawuf (Tijaniyyah) simply means those who totally embrace the word Islam both words and practices, inwardly and outwardly. Surfs (those Tasawuf people), practice total surrenderness to the will of Allah without the fear of neither Hell nor the Hope for Paradise but to gain the pleasurable face of Allah (Al-Mukarabun) – Quran (Wakia Ayyah 7-11). While the Muslims generally worship for the fear of Hell and the hope for Paradise.

“He who surpasses you in morals and conducts surpasses you in Tijaniyyah”. Once again, True Sufism/Tijaniyyah is not another religion or sect in Islam but a derivative coglomen derived from the characters of those true followers of muhammedanism after the era of prophethood of Sayyidina Muhammad (S.A.W). They are those that have summoned courage and sacrifice their everything to enter the Eden of Allah by conquering the only Gateman, lower soul (Saitan) sitting majestically in everyone’s hearth. It is so unfortunate that billions of AUDHU BILAI MINA SAITAN RAJEEM is observed everyday by Muslims all over the world but the strength and influences of Saitan still grow in the hearts of men. However, you can conquer your evil thoughts now and be purified (Safaha). Muslims world all over are enjoined to connect the rope of Allah, see the beauty of its reshape the world for the betterment of every souls.

Tijaniyyah Terms

Murid: A person who follows certain Toriq (path)

Wazifa: Series of organizes prayer for one to see the pleasurable face of Allah.

Lazim: Regular and constant dua’s normally observes after Subui and Asri Salats prayers.

Zawiyya: A religious place earmarked to observe our Wazifa, Lazim, or Zikr of Friday, Salats and other good prayers in the context of Islam.